• 1996


    Andrea’s attic is the place where he developed a software for swimming-course enrolments with the help of a 486 DX2 66. The request came from three sporting clubs of the area. Every day after school Andrea was busy programming in Visual Basic 5. His software helped to manage more than 6,000 enrolments.

  • 1999


    Far from being just a hobby, AcquaGest helped dozens of clients with their business. For this reason, 4andSoft took charge of it with the aim of developing and distributing it.

  • 2002


    Thanks to some big projects AcquaGest evolved into SportGest, targeting Fitness, Tennis and Wellness centres and supporting access control. The reference database was Microsoft SQL Server.

  • 2006

    Gruppo Sinapsi

    In April 2006 Gruppo Sinapsi absorbed 4andsoft. In addition to SportGest, the group invested in Business Intelligence solutions such as Hallway and Panthera (administration and control platform).

  • 2010

    Cloud and Social Booking

    In February 2010 at the Forum Piscine event, SportGest was introduced as a Social Booking cloud platform, the first social business solution for the sport and fitness industry.

  • 2012


    Cloud and Social became the key factors that prompted the launch of the SPORTRICK project, aimed at capitalising the know-how derived from the experience in the application of these new technologies in the sport industry. In June 2012 access control on public cloud was installed for the first time.

  • 2013

    Johnson Matrix

    SPORTRICK’s success attracted various multinationals of the fitness industry. Johnson Health Tech, owner of the Matrix Brand, was among these and in December 2013 an exclusive distribution agreement was signed.

  • 2014


    In the light of SPORTRICK’s international vocation, a London branch opened in September 2014, based in London Google’s Camp.

  • 2015

    SPORTRICK Worldwide

    At the FiBo trade show in Cologne, SPORTRICK acquired international visibility with positive feedbacks both from clients and market experts. The management of more than 1,800,000 user profiles and hundreds of thousands of transactions contributed to its success.

  • 2017

    Enterprise Projects

    SPORTRICK became the first choice of European leaders of the fitness market.

  • 2018


    Birth of SPORTRICK TECH SRL, twin of the London branch.

  • 2019

    Acquisition by Gruppo Zucchetti

    In April 2019, SPORTRICK TECH SRL and SPORTRICK TECH LTD became part of Gruppo Zucchetti its new majority owner. This was the start of the expansion on the Spanish and German markets..

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