SPORTRICK is the most innovative system for access control designed for gyms, swimming pools and sport centres.
Thanks to the Cloud it is possible to establish access rules without having to rely on costly local installations. All you need is a good Internet connection.

Club members and loyal customers
The Cloud avoids unnecessary costs and a more dynamic management of your business: you can manage more than one club allowing multiple-location access with a single membership. SPORTRICK is integrated with multiple recognition systems that can be combined together (RFID, Biometrics, Magnetic Band, QRCode) offering a variety of client-identification options.

Occasional access
SPORTRICK is a complete solution also for occasional access, especially useful in swimming pools and for free trials in gyms. Tickets for occasional access can work with a printed Barcode (QR-Code) that will be read directly from the mobile phone. Barcode tickets can be also created in advance to be sold outside the sport centre.

Access control is based on three key components: identification support (cards, wristbands, keyrings etc.), terminals and gates. SPORTRICK supports different identification technologies such as RFID, Biometry, Magnetic Band, QR Code o Barcode. Manual check-in is also available with usb readers. Alternatively, check-in can be automated with ethernet terminals directly connected to our Cloud. Connection failure is not a problem, as our terminals can manage access control and align data with the central server.


Turnstiles, gates and automatic access-points

SPORTRICK offers complete solutions for the physical access control of people and vehicles. The catalogue includes the traditionals monopods, bridge tripod turnstiles or automatic gates.

SPORTRICK's team can support the client in the choice of gate and with the installation.