SPORTRICK helps managers and club owners with the analysis of their daily business and business strategy.
Thanks to the Cloud, data are accessible anytime with any device connected to the Internet .


Automatic reports are a powerful tool for users to get data about their daily business in few clicks, such as cash balance, course attendees and payment due dates.
All reports can be downloaded as Ms Excel file.

Marketing searches
SPORTRICK allows the creation of very precise analysis targets for purchases, payments and attendance. These targets can be the object of marketing campaigns, data extraction and groups (it will be possible to block access for certain groups or send recurring notifications).

Business Intelligence and KPI
SPORTRICK's team can create customised dashboards to assess the specific business goals of the company. KPIs and targeted reports can offer in a clear and immediate way all the necessary data to measure business performance. Managers can count on a useful and efficient tool to make strategic decisions.