Cloud management safe and scalable

Replicate rules and operational modalities, maintaining
a dynamic and safe approach focused on growth. 

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Online bookings and purchases

With SPORTRICK, an online customer portal is immediately available for purchases, renewals and bookings.

From this portal your clients can enjoy your services without being physically there. Accessible from a pc, tablet and smartphone, it will be your Front Office 24/7, offering your members a unique experience.

Integrate your memers' activity with the software

Thanks to the integration with the main players of the wearable market and training industry, your clients can monitor their performance and improvements. Thanks to technology you can offer rewards to those who reach their fitness goals. Through engagement and gamification you can set new goals and improve the brand loyalty.


Improve your brand perception

You can let clients access services and classes offered by all the branches of your fitness chain in a controlled and efficient way. Increase your members' engagement and loyalty to the brand, make them proud to be part of your family!

Management of sales and revenues

Check sales and revenues keeping an overview of all the managed branches, create strategies and synergies to maintain the balance between expenditures and revenue both in the individual branch and in the whole chain. 

Manage your business with a click

With the Cloud you can forget about infrastructure costs and enjoy great opportunities, such as managing different branches that are geographically distant and offer multiple-branch memberships to customers. All this can be managed with few clicks.

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