Create a trusting relationship with clients 
by managing payments within the system

Online Payments

Let your customers handle their purchases thanks to the integrations with the major online-payment tools

With SPORTRICK customers can manage their automatic renewals, book classes and services, freeze their membership and pay directly via their E-Commerce account. A transparent, fluid and digital relationship! 

Recurrent Payments

With SPORTRICK recurrent payments can be managed both with SEPA and credit cards.

SEPA payments follow a process of file generation for the home banking and end up with the management of possible unpaid amounts. Through the combined use of access control and CRM, management can rely on the correct behaviour of members and at the same time activate all the notification procedures to keep a transparent relationship with customers.

The integration with advanced bank gateways allows recurring payments by credit card. Such procedures are highly efficient and the risk of outstanding payments is very low. 


Complex configurations help set up an efficient and organised management of instalments. The client portal and automatic notifications build a transparent and fluid relationship with customers.


E-Wallets can be topped up by customers who can use their pre-paid credit for purchases or to activate showers and hair dryers.

Automatic Renewals

SPORTRICK manages automatic renewals (rolling contracts) that can generate automatic payments. The client portal and automatic notifications build a transparent a fluid relationship with customers

Integrations with Zucchetti's portfolio

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