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On how many PCs can SPORTRICK be installed?

The Cloud doesn't require installations nor licences. You will be able to use SPORTRICK wherever and whenever you please without limitations on users or workstations. The only requirement is Internet connection!

What are the requirements to be able to use SPORTRICK?

Internet connection and a device, that's all you need to manage your business without geographical limitations. No installation is required, SPORTRICK can be accessed from your PC, computer, tablet or smartphone.  

Are there limitations on the number of SPORTRICK users?

SPORTRICK's subscription allows an unlimited number of users to simultaneously work with the software.

How do I learn to use SPORTRICK?

We offer two learning options: self-learning supported by one of our consultants or a personalized learning module. 

Can data be imported from another software?

Yes, they can. Data from another software are imported through our Excel templates.

Is cloud technology safe?

Yes, it is. Security is our priority. We rely on security systems and complex procedures to guarantee the safety of customers' data and documents.

Why do your charge a monthly fee?

You won't incur into purchasing costs, rather into service costs. You can rely on a product that is always up-to-date and you won't have to worry about the data backup, the antivirus and the server. All the software's functionalities will be available regardless of your monthly plan. The volume of your business will make the difference. 

Where can I find all the available services?

Find out our full range of products and services on our on-line store

Can I integrate my webpage with SPORTRICK?

Yes, you can. We can support complex technological projects and create an ecosystem with customised procedures of integration between web systems and our software. 

Have you got an APP?

Yes, we do. Our native app brings the club closer to their clients through their smartphones. It is available for iOS and Android platforms with your brand's colours and logo. Your clients can use the app to book classes, manage cancellations and have info about their membership directly on their smartphone. They will also benefit from a direct channel to keep in touch with the club thanks to CTAs and integrated social networks.

Which reports are available?

SPORTRICK offers a catalogue of standard reports based on the main data sources (info found in the user's profile, sale info, access records, participation into the club's activites, cash flow...)
our consultants are also available to develop customised reports. Marketing searches are another useful tool for data extraction.

Is it possible to view access records?

SPORTRICK's reports collect access data thanks to the integration with the dedicated access-control hardware. 

What can be booked via E-Commerce?

Through SPORTRICK's E-Commerce your clients can book classes and activities with a limited number of participants (spinning, hydrobike, private classes, pt sessions, tennis courts), but also buy a new membership and cancel it according to the necessary notice period.


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