SPORTRICK offers an easy and immediate cloud access control
for gyms, swimming pools and sports centres

Terminals and readers

SPORTRICK is totally integrated with specific hardware to control customers' flow within the facility and to record customers' use of their membership and participation in the club's activities. These innovative devices combine high technology with an elegant design and high-quality components. The readers are connected with the turnstile and the Internet to allow the correct functioning of access control.

It will be also possible to automatically monitor individual or collective customer attendance and apply capacity limitations to specific areas or to the whole facility. Additionally, you can configure specific access rights to some areas or in some time slots.

Turnstiles and Gates

SPORTRICK can offer complete solutions for the physical access control of both people and vehicles. The catalogue includes tripods and automatic gates. Our team will help you choose the most suitable access-control solutions and will support you with the installation. 

You can use any relay-assisted device such as various types of turnstiles and electronic door locks.

Identification Technology

With RFID, QR code or barcode your members can access your club quickly and automatically through different identification tools such as cards, wristbands, key rings or their smartphone.

SPORTRICK is an efficient solution also for occasional passes, very convenient for swimming pools, water parks and trials in fitness centres. Passes can be managed with a printed barcode or with a QR code read from the smartphone. SPORTRICK also makes it possible to create barcode tickets in advance so that they can be sold outside the facility.


The cloud marks the end of infrastructure costs and provides great opportunities, for example managing more than one club and allowing at the same time multiple-club access with the same membership.

SPORTRICK also offers different identification tools that can interact with each other (RFID, biometry, QRCode).

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