Acquire new clients and 
keep in touch during the relationship

Client Acquisition

Thanks to the available integrations, it is possible to acquire potential clients within digital contexts. A landing page with a customised layout focused on specific targets and locations is helpful to reach out to a wider group of prospects.

Customer Segmentation

SPORTRICK offers the possibility to create precise analysis targets based on purchases, payments, attendance or other characteristics. These groups of customers can be extracted through marketing searches and, through a series of automatic procedures, they can be sent email communications or they can be prevented access into the facility.

Customer Relationship Management

SPORTRICK includes a CRM system for the efficient management of customers and sales. It also features a marketing section for notifications via SMS and emails, thanks to the integrations with brand leaders.

SPORTRICK doesn't offer a mere push marketing: thanks to community management it is possible to create groups and events. This engagement technique can be the key to customer retention.

Email and SMS

With SPORTRICK it is possible to send out emails and SMS to multiple clients at the same time either through the software or via the integration with email-marketing tools and bulk SMS providers.

Integrations with Zucchetti's portfolio

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