SPORTRICK relies on a complex system of Customer Relationship Management to efficiently manage club members and the sales network.
It is possible to plan marketing operations and send out notifications massively, both via email and sms.

Focus on the client
The client is at the core of the business. With SPORTRICK the relationship with clients can be planned and managed from leads to drop out. The sales personnel can manage their agenda according to manually planned or automatically-generated CRM activities, that can be shared with the whole staff.

Sales and goals
The CRM provides a clearer picture of the whole customer journey, which helps to create more target-specific offers and promotions. Sales become easier and quicker, best practices can be shared and verified.

Social network and engagement
SPORTRICK's CRM doesn't simply rely on push marketing: thanks to its community-management tool, it is possible to create groups and events for the club's community. This engagement technique can be the key to trigger customers' long-time interest in the club.