SPORTRICK’s operational mission is to provide full support
both to sales and the creation of goods and services..

Straight to the point!
With SPORTRICK's approach staff can keep focused on their goals. Operations are easy to learn and quick to perform. IT and infrastructure issues? Forget about them! All you need is a good Internet connection.

Sales efficiency
A good planning guarantees quick and guided sales procedures.
SPORTRICK can create price lists and personalise the individual sale. Due dates and instalments are automated. What about renewals? All done in a click!

Nobody and nothing gets left out
In SPORTRICK all resources, areas, instructors, receptionists and support staff (maintenance staff, cleaners...) are planned, the timetable  is always up-to-date, everybody can check it from their personal area, both customers and staff. Still using Excel spread sheets? With SPORTRICK reports are automatic.