Every day we are inundated by an alarming quantity of plastic. The only solution would probably be a progressive change of habits. How can the fitness industry play its part in this matter?

SPORTRICK has launched the BE SMART, GO GREEN CHALLANGE. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed and tested Bio-PVC RFID cards, which obviously have a higher cost compared to standard PVC cards... but we can drastically reduce this gap by reaching 100,000 cards a year.

SPORTRICK is ready to dive into this challenge, selling Bio-PVC cards at the same price as standard PVC ones. If you choose Bio-PVC cards we'll meet our goal and we'll be able to consolidate it in time!

What is BioPVC exactly?

Bio-PVC is an innovative material developed to obtain PVC's versatility and full biodegradability. Bio-PVC ECOBADGES share the same physical characteristics of traditional cards and guarantee optimal printing resolution but they are at the same time eco-friendly since they contain additives that accelerate the decomposition process. Biodegradability doesn't mean that the card will easily wear off. Decomposition kicks off only in case of permanence in water or composting. Bio-PVC is GREEN due to its low impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions and energy and oil requirement during the production cycle.

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