"THE STRENGHT OF WATER" 2020 summit, now concluded, was the first online event organised by the Italian Swimming Pool Association. Managers and distributors took part in the event to share a project of aggregation of all the businesses involved in water sports. Supported by the innovative "DigiLive" formula, the summit has been an opportunity to share thoughts and opinions among businesses and institutions involved in the water sports industry.

The summit took place on the 09/11/2020 and focused on a project aimed at the creation of a water sports conferderation. Other topics on the agenda were the market situation, the concept of swimming pool 4.0, and different generations' point of view on the industry, technology and innovation.

Mr Andrea Menozzi, SPORTRICK's CEO, took part in the speech focused on "Comparing experiences, new technologies and connectivity", together with other esteemed guests:  

  • Mr Giorgio Colletto - Founder of Piscine Castiglione 
  • Mr Luca Colombo - Facebook Italian Country Manager
  • Mr Matteo Gattola - Envision Founder & CTO 
  • Mr Andrea Menozzi - SPORTRICK's CEO  
  • Ms Sylvia Monfort - SCP Europe General Director
  • Ms Joan Planes - Honorary President of Fluidra 

Renewable energies and ESG models have also been discussed, in particular activities and projects about responsible investments taking into consideration environmental, social and governace aspects. 

On the second day, the 10th of November, the Italian association of swimming-pools makers, Assopiscine, introduced its important journey of transformation and development. The General Confederation of Italian Water-Sports Industry introduced its work to institutions and national media and had a partner role in the organisation of the 2020 summit, which provided the opportunity to boost relations during the day dedicated to its members. The highlights of the day were sustainability and innovation, discussed by national and international guests and industry representatives.

A positive experience for an industry that faced many difficulties this year. Events like this have been beneficial to understand the market situation and suggest new strategies and visions to guide Italian swimming pools towards a 4.0 reality. 

cine italiane ad una realtà 4.0