SPORTRICK-GYMPASS integration: introduction  

SPORTRICK is a cloud management software for the fitness and wellness market. The software is a full solution that spans from access control to an E-Commerce portal, covering the vital processes involved in the management of sport centres. On the market since 2012, it gained the trust of a vast market share, from small independent clubs and swimming pools to multinational chains and big sport centres.

SPORTRICK’s assets combine the cloud guarantee with a better management of the daily business of the club. SPORTRICK boasts a wide range of integrations like GYMPASS, the leading company service designed for the well-being and health of employees.  

SPORTRICK-GYMPASS integration: discovering GYMPASS

Gympass is a fitness application that allows subscribers to book and access multiple gyms and studios at a very affordable rate. Unlike other apps, Gympass is for the exclusive use of corporate-employee welfare programs. Employees will not only have access to thousands of gyms around the world, but they can also benefit from integrations with leading fitness apps and metrics.

Gympass allows its members to use an app to sign up for independent classes or to hit the gym. This app uses the member's exact location to conveniently offer local fitness classes to the consumer.

Since Gympass is a corporate wellness program, the offer caters to people who may need to travel frequently for work by offering access to gyms available around the world.

Once the plan is activated, members will have access to thousands of gyms and sports facilities, on-demand or live online courses, personal training sessions and personalised nutritional plans and apps dedicated to mental health.

SPORTRICK-GYMPASS integration: how it works

The integration between SPORTRICK and GYMPASS is very simple, both for customers and for the facility. Gympass customers can request access to the desired facility and start their workout or attend classes directly without further bureaucratic steps.  

Affiliated facilities can integrate SPORTRICK's access control with Gympass through APIs that validate the check-in of the Gympass user (identified through the so-called Gympass ID).

Thanks to the integration, it will be possible to manage customers automatically, granting them a first-class experience as any standard customer.

SPORTRICK-GYMPASS integration: benefits for the partners

Gympass affiliated facilities will be able to reach new customers, which means additional income and visibility, without having to invest time in new operational processes. since the integration between the two systems will take care of it.

SPORTRICK-GYMPASS integration: information

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