SPORTRICK-Trainingym Integration

SPORTRICK, our cloud software for the fitness market, manages access control, offers an E-Commerce portal and covers the fundamental processes for the management of sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools or sports centres. SPORTRICK  brings all the advantages of the Cloud to efficiently manage the essential daily business. 

An added value for clients is the wide range of integrations, like Trainingym, a Spanish company that offers one of the fitness-market leader solutions for the management of clients, their fitness routine and personal trainers' agenda. 


SPORTRICK-Trainingym Integration: info about Trainingym 

Trainingym is a software based on an app for clients' smartphones that can create a  personalised fitness routine. It also boasts multiple management tools and marketing options to boost customer loyalty. 

In addition to the app for customers, club managers can rely on the software that integrates lead-caption and customer-loyalty tools for the customisation of emails, SMS or social-media communications.  


SPORTRICK-Trainingym Integration: how does Trainingym work? 

Customers' profiles can be shared between SPORTRICK and Trainingym thanks to the integration and classes can be booked directly from the Trainingym app.

Customers' Data

SPORTRICK shares the following info with Trainingym:

  • all personal data
  • client's profile picture
  • data updates (daily)
  • credentials for SSO on SPORTRICK's E-Commerce


Classs Booking 

Customers can perform the following operations via Trainingym: 

  • check the timetable of classes
  • book classes if they have a valid membership 


SPORTRICK-Trainingym Integration: why Trainingym? 

The integration aims at speeding up customer registration and guaranteeing an excellent customer experience so that customers can interact with the club from a single platform.


SPORTRICK-Trainingym Integration: find out more

Thanks to the partnership between the two systems, your business can benefit from incredible advantages!!! Send us your contact details and we will provide you with all the necessary info. What are you waiting for? Digitalise your business and take it to the next level thanks to the integration between SPORTRICK and Trainingym!