SPORTRICK can be configured to allow the payment of a membership through an instalment plan that charges the customer's credit card at recurring intervals.

Rolling Monthly Contract

This type of membership consists in the payment of a monthly fee that will be automatically charged from month to month until the customer decides to cancel (according to terms and conditions).

Yearly Contract with Monthly Payments

This option is more binding for the client, since the contract will have a minimum validity of 12 months, but it is still advantageous because the payment won't be up-front but split into monthly instalments.

Promotions for New Customers

To entice new customers, a convenient promotional offer (both for customer and club) could be a membership with a starting price that will get reduced after a certain period (example: first 2 months = 140£, starting from the third month the fee will be 65£ a month rather than 70£).

The opposite can also be configured: for example first month free or 20£ only, then the monthly fee will increase starting from the second month. 


  • Customers are automatically charged, therefore they don't need to queue at the reception to pay

  • Payments are collected at specific times of the month, therefore there is no need to wait for the customer to make the payment

  • No need to send reminders about expiring membership (in case of rolling contracts).

Things to Take into Consideration

  • Plan a specific procedure in case of blocked card, breach of contract, penalty fees
  • Take into consideration customers' reluctancy to provide their credit card details for recurrent payments