QR Codes for fitness centres: introduction 

Due to the latest world events, fitness and sports companies face the need to digitalise some processes, both because of the regulations in response to the sanitary crisis (bookings, access control, etc.) and because of the need to keep the pace with the natural evolution of the market. Therefore it is essential to invest on digital strategies and tools in order to be competitive in terms of technological development within the sports and wellness industry. SPORTRICK is ready for these new challenges!


Why QR codes are the perfect digital tool for the fitness industry

If as a club manager you feel ready to start the digitalisation of your business, there are many ways to start, such as creating and sharing digital contents in the fitness industry and relying on solutions that connect the physical and digital aspect of your club. The purpose of this article is to analyse a very simple and yet efficient technological component that can bring about great benefits for your business: the QR Code


QR Codes for fitness centres: benefits

QR codes have helped governments, the NHS and retailers to share info with the general public in a safe way, in compliance with social distancing rules.

QR Codes can be scanned with no mininal-distance requirements. If we take a closer look at NFC technology (used for contactless payments) there is a sort of contact with terminals, such as POS or vending machines. Conversely, QR-code scanning doesn't require physical contact and can be read from a distance. The only requirement is for the QR code to be big enough to be scanned. Of course an adequate reading technology, such as a specific scanner must be adopted and potentially connected with the club's access-control hardware.

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QR Codes for fitness centres: how to use them

Let's analyse how QR codes can improve customer experience.

QR codes: using empty vertical spaces for comminication 

Windows and walls are perfect to place QR codes that can connect your customers to digital contents such as fitness videos, suggestions, promotions, etc... QR codes on posters and stickers can be easily scanned from a distance, easily moved and they make the communication within the club more dynamic. 

QR codes: the perfect complement for your communication campaign 

You can combine printed brochures with QR codes to promote online registration on a customised webpage for immediate sign up. It's quick and easy and it relies on customers' immediate impulse. Link your sign-up page with a QR code and reach out for new customers!

QR codes: find out what your members think

Through a QR code your customers can express their opinion about the club and its activities, sharing their rating on social media. You can also organise a prize draw to entice customers to take part in the rating!

QR codes: boost the interaction with your digital channels for free!

You might think that digitalisation equals expensive running costs, but there are some low-investment solutions that can help you achieve great results. Relying on social media is a convenient way to get in touch with customers. You could use a QR code linked with the club's social network to grow followers and then activate targeted campaigns to find matching leads.

QR codes: rules and conduct

To inform customers about dos and don'ts when using a specific area or machine, you can link QR codes to the club's rules. Surely it is a better and more visible alternative then placing sheets of paper around the facility!

QR codes: the identification system for access control

The digitalisation process also involves the use of QR codes as identification for access. Using a QR code on their smartphone, clients can enjoy a safe and contactless access.

This solution can also be implemented to offer trial passes that can be conveniently purchased online, with a totally-digital lead caption. Activating a contactless access-control system on the Cloud has never been easier!

QR Codes for fitness centres: final conclusions

Effortlessly creating and sharing digital contents without investing too much will be essential in the future strategy of sports centres, gyms and swimming pools. There are many digital technologies that can support you and the QR code is one of these. 

QR codes can be a valid help when it comes to communication and access-control digitalisation. Choose the perfect solution for you and grow your business! 


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