Access-control devices, web/app bookings and temperature scanners are ideal solutions to meet the Government's requirements when it comes to safety against Covid.

Access-control readers 

Thanks to the integration between access-control devices and the software, it is possible to control the actual number of people within the facility. Access and exit readers monitor the in and outflow of people to prevent overcrowding by blocking access when the maximum capacity is reached.

The automatic monitoring of the capacity can be applied to all the areas of the club or just some specific areas.


With SPORTRICK's app, club members can easily book classes, manage cancellations and much more! It is the ideal tool to kick start the digitalisation of the club. Thanks to the perfect integration with SPORTRICK, it won't be necessary to insert data in other portals or tools. 

Thermal cameras

SPORTRICK offers a micro thermal camera that can be installed on RFID terminals to activate card or QRcode reading only if the person's body temperature is acceptable. The guided procedure is very simple and can be followed by reading the instructions on the display: the client is invited to step forward onto the correct spot, from where they can read their temperature: if it is lower than  37.5 they will be asked to scan their membership card. Should the temperature be higher, the reader won't activate and the customer can be informed via a customised message or sound. This multi-technology solution works with cards, barcodes and QR codes, making it ideal also for occasional access.