ACGEP (Catalan Association of Professional Sports Managers) and Unisport Management School organised the webinar "Digital resources in sports centres: beyond Covid-19" with Manuela Callea and Martina Ferrarini from SPORTRICK Spain as speakers. The webinar is part of the #UnisportTalks, a series of webinars dedicated to sports professionals and management experts from the fitness market.

The main topics of the workshop were the most popular technologies and digital resources available to fitness companies, and how the selection of proper digital tools on the market could be the key for a quick post-pandemic recovery. An evaluation of the situation created by the Coronavirus opened the session. Then SPORTRICK talked about how the habits of fitness users have changed due to mobility restrictions and general fear of contagiousness. But although the fitness and sports market has experienced an important recession, the data and forecasts showed a positive future for the market, that will surely face a rapid recovery in the upcoming months.

For SPORTRICK, the key is to analyse and define the real needs of sports centres, according to their medium and long-term goals, in order to plan which digital tool and integrations are suitable. 

 Some example of a how digital tools can meet a specific need: 

  • cloud management software for an efficient daily management of customers, sales and services;
  • automated access control systems for security and re-opening;
  • CRM / CDP for customer management and marketing automation;
  • e-commerce for online sales;
  • mobile apps and fitness trackers to boost customer experience;
  • BI & AI for analysis.

The workshop wrapped up with a round of questions and answers moderated by Marc Amrnegol, CEO of Unisport. The event was a success, more than 200 people from 18 different countries took part in it: Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, among others.