On May 6th, 2021, the free webinar on "Digital resources in sports centers: Beyond Covid-19" was held, organized by ACGEP (Catalan Association of Professional Sports Managers) and Unisport Management School, with Manuela Callea and Martina Ferrarini from Sportrick as speakers The webinar is part of a series of free #UnisportTalks webinars, dedicated to sports professionals and management experts from the sports world.

During the presentation, a very interesting tour was made on the most used technologies and digital resources available to the fitness sector to face the post-pandemic recovery. The starting point has been to evaluate the situation created by the CORONAVIRUS. It has been evidenced how the fitness and sports market in general has experienced a very important recession that needs a rapid recovery in the coming months, and how the situation experienced with the lockdown and the fear of contagion have changed forever customs and habits of the population.

The key, according to SPORTRICK, is to study and define the needs that the sports center has according to its own medium and long-term objectives, and from there to plan which tool to implement, in what order and to foresee a correct integration between them.

The needs arising from the pandemic and pre-existing ones were analyzed in detail, identifying all the digital resources that can meet its solution. They spoke about tools such as cloud management software, automated access systems, CRM / CDP, e-commerce, App, BI & AI, among others.

The seminar concluded with a round of questions and answers moderated by Marc Amrnegol, CEO of Unisport. The evenT was a success, with more than 200 people registered from 18 different countries: Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, among others.