Why does body temperature need to be checked to grant access into a gym, swimming pool or sports centre?

Temperature scans have been one of the security criteria since the start of the pandemic. Let's analyse the tech solutions that are currently on offer. Please find below the results of SPORTRICK's research. 


Infrared Thermometer

This thermometer checks body temperature through infrareds. Minimum distance: 5.9 inches.


  • Easy to find
  • Easy to use without specific technical knowlegde
  • No installation needed. They can be used immediately after purchase
  • Plenty of models and prices, but most of them are affordable and can be purchased either online or at the chemists'.


  • Manual temperature check can easily cause mistakes
  • Social distancing is not possible during the temperature check
  • Low accuracy (usually ± 1,0 ° C)
  • Additional work for the reception staff, that has to manually check visitors' temperature
  • Manually-monitored access.


Thermographic Camera

Manual tool that allows temperature checks up to 4.92 feet, avoiding direct contact. Temperature is measured in real time, displaying hot spots. Some models feature a warning light in case of high temperature.


  • No installation required 
  • Easy to use without specific technical knowlegde
  • Social distancing can be maintained during the temperature check


  • Higher cost compared to an automatic system integrated with access control.
  • Battery life is usually 5 to 6 hours, therefore an operator has to keep an eye on it.
  • The avarage accuracy is ± 0,5 ° C, therefore it is very easy to get unreliable results. 
  • Additional work for the reception staff, that has to manually check visitors' temperature.
  • Manually-monitored access.


Wall-Mounted Thermal Camera 

It can monitor the temperature of multiple people simultaneously.


  • Temperature is automatically monitored. It features an acoustic warning in case of high temperature.
  • Social distancing is maintained during the automatic temperature check
  • It can be placed where needed (access points).
  • The accuracy range is between ± 0,3 ° C and ± 0,5 ° C.


  • Usually expensive.
  • Limited to temperature monitoring. The operator will have to manually block the access in case visitors have a high temperature.
  • Very technical device that requires frequent calibration and operators have to be trained to set up monitoring parameters.
  • It requires installation and calibration, it has to be connected to a monitor and to a software for camera monitoring. 
  • It is not integrated with access control, therefore operators have to let people in or block them.


Thermal Camera Integrated with Access-Control Hardware

Add-on tool for readers connected with the turnstile that regulates access flow. It is an integrated solution that will only allow access if the body temperature is within the acceptable parameters. 


  • It monitors temperature and will automatically block access in case of high temperature.
  • After checking the body temperature, the thermal camera will only allow access if the temperature is within the limit
  • User instructions are displayed directly on the reader. 
  • The accuracy range is between ± 0,3 ° C and ± 0,2 ° C.
  • It automatically monitors temperature meeting social-distancing requirements and without interaction with the operators.


  • The initial calibration is mandatory for the camera to work autonomously and without supervision.
  • To guarantee the best performance, the camera is only compatible with Zucchetti Axcess terminals.
  • It is necessary to acquire SPORTRICK for the automatic management of access control and the general daily activity.

Monitoring body temperature in swimming pools, gyms and sports centre: conclusions 

The market offers different technological options, both manual and automatic. If you are looking for an automatic solution integrated with access control, get in touch!

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